How to Properly Use a Dog Leash for Training and Walking?

How to Properly Use a Dog Leash for Training and Walking?

When you get a dog home, they are not trained to act in a certain way or to live among humans. To adapt to your environment, it’s going to take time for them. Moreover, you need to assist your dog to ensure they develop the habits. You can either train them yourself or hire a dog trainer to assist you. Dogs do not have any idea how to live or behave in public with a leash, they might feel uncomfortable or aggressive with a leash. They may or may not comprehend your gesture of taking them on a walk. With a dog, you need to constantly develop a habit and they will pick your behavior. Do you want to train your dog with a leash for walks and more? Why is leash or dog lead training important? Here’s why: 

  • Exercise: Leash training for walking outside will help your dog grow maturely and stay fit and healthy. Walking regularly outside makes them feel fresh and they can exercise for their growth to understand their behavior. 
  • Mental simulation: Leash or lead training will help your dog to observe new things and surroundings. Exposing your dog to new smells, surroundings, and things is important for socializing and improving development and growth. During walks, when dogs experience new aspects and watch new activities, they feel excited, happy, and positive. 
  • Safety and security: When taking your dog out, having a dog lead will ensure they are safe. Moreover, people around them will also feel safe to walk around. 

Let’s understand ways you can teach them: 

Take a cue: Help them learn a cue that can become a signal for them on various things. For instance, they know food is coming, you are talking to them on a walk, etc. Develop a signal that you will use every time you are going to perform an activity or want them to act a certain way. Some people use words like “Yes” “Come here”, etc. You can develop your cue with your dog as you feel. However, make sure it’s started distraction-free, dogs should not feel distracted when learning on your cue. Consistently act the same way for a few days to develop a habit for them. Dogs will notice your repetitive behavior and pick up on a habit that when you signal them or use this cue this is going to happen and that is what they need to do. 

Let them come back to you: When the puppy is on the leash, stop and hold it for a few seconds and let them come back to you. Reward them with a treat or pat them with love when they come back to you. Use the cue method to call them to you and let them know when you are calling them what they have to do. However, you need to comprehend that puppies have a short attention span, so make sure you keep it short. Even if the puppy is active and might appear that they would learn more, they won’t. They will get exhausted and forget. So, make sure your cue training to call them for dog lead is simple and short. 

Practice at home or indoors: Walk a few times at home or indoors with your dog having less or no distraction. Having a leash around them is still new for them, so taking them out for a walk may not be the right approach. So, keep your practice sessions short and indoors to understand the approach. Practice indoors for more details and help them learn to keep leashes. Make them develop a habit of holding a leash for some time. It will help you keep your practice short and simple. 

Reward-based training: Reward-based training is the best way to help them learn quickly without hassle. With rewards, they are eager to learn and practice what they need to know. Moreover, with practice and rewards, they happily engage in training when they know they will get treats in return. You need to ensure you get reward-based training for your dog as it helps them learn more quickly. They also feel encouraged to behave in a certain way and feel excited to get rewards. In addition to dog lead training, you can find words like leave or take it words, and more for your training. It will help you ensure they also learn additional words. 


These are some of the important reasons for dog lead training. Moreover, it is important to train your dog to ensure they are accustomed to certain behaviors and enjoy their walks without creating trouble. You can use these above-mentioned ways to train your dog for leash or lead training. 

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