Need Help With an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding? Here are Some Wedding Venues in Ahmedabad to Help You Decide.


Ahmedabad is a city that offers a warm welcome and creates a lovely aura for all, no matter where you are from. The same holds for those who wish to get married in Ahmedabad whether it is a destination wedding or a local wedding. Everything about your special day is delightful, from shopping until the last day. There are lots of options for luxurious wedding venues in Ahmedabad as the city combines both culture and tradition. 

Let’s get ready to hang on to some of the wedding venues that you can consider for your indoor or outdoor wedding. 

List of Wedding Venues in Ahmedabad With Services Offered by them 

Ahmedabad’s wedding venues offer every possible service that brings royalty in one location only. Your wedding day in the city will be a remarkable one as it will have breathtaking scenery and exquisite decor at the magnificent venue. Below are a few indoor and outdoor venues for your special day that you can consider to choose from. 

Indoor Wedding Venues

  • Hyatt Ahmedabad: The magnificent hotel has professionally designed, roomy banquet halls that can accommodate weddings of all sizes. You don’t need to worry about the count of your guests as they provide comfortable delight for everyone. You will also have a wide variety of cuisine that satisfies distinct tastes and preferences offered by the catering services out there. 

Apart from that, you can ensure a flawless and unforgettable wedding ceremony with the assistance of an expert team of event planners. They help to coordinate every aspect of your special day. Moreover, if you are planning for a destination wedding, then, Hyatt is one of the finest choices for you. The opulent rooms and suites are ideal for your guests, ensuring a convenient and pleasurable staycation. 

  • Vivanta Ahmedabad: Vivanta provides trendy and elegant interior rooms that are appropriate for wedding ceremonies, welcome parties, and other associated activities. This wedding venue offers in-house catering with a variety of cuisines to suit a wide range of palates. So, now you don’t need to worry about the satisfaction of the taste buds of your guests! 

Additionally, Vivanta’s staff of wedding planners focuses more on details and helps to make sure everything goes smoothly on your big day. They also provide the best accommodations facilities for you as well as your guests. Their trendy amenities and cozy lodgings provide guests with an improved overall experience throughout the occasion. 

  • Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad City Center: Crowne Plaza has large banquet rooms and other spaces that are ideal for holding indoor weddings. They also provide a range of catering packages to ensure your guests have a wonderful eating experience.  

The event management service at the Crowne Plaza assists you in attaining your ideal wedding. They offer plans and guide you with decorations and different services. To enhance the convenience and the overall wedding ceremony experience, the venue also gives your guests accommodation options. 

The hotel is a perfect venue for those who are looking for a destination or an indoor wedding with luxurious facilities in Ahmedabad.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

  • The Fern Seaside Luxurious Tent Resort: The luxurious resort provides a captivating outdoor space with opulent tents. This picturesque setting makes the resort a perfect location for your dreamy wedding. Moreover, to present the outdoor party as an appealing touch, the venue itself gives amazing catering services. The menu consists of a selection of culinary pleasures that could satisfy the cravings of everyone in your celebration. 

Besides all, the venue is highly specialized in other outdoor wedding services and makes sure that every little thing is placed perfectly for your big day.

  • Ruta Farm: Perfect for outdoor weddings! The venue has a rustic and natural atmosphere to organize any event. It is mainly renowned for its stunning outside farm location and natural charm. 

Further, you can customize the meal to meet the unique tastes and needs of all your guests. The staff at Ruta Farm in Ahmedabad helps to organize outdoor wedding events so that your celebration runs smoothly and magically.

  • Velvet Lounge: The Velvet Lounge is an ideal site for individuals who are seeking for outdoor wedding venue with modern-day vibes. It provides a stylish outdoor location that creates a lively atmosphere for your D-Day. The venue’s culinary range prioritizes excellence and consists of combined delicacies to fulfill each person’s desires. In addition, the venue helps make your outdoor ceremony successful by offering proper guidance on time.

Finally, it’s advisable to visit various options of wedding venues, communicate about your envision, and consider their terms and conditions before deciding on a specific venue for your wedding ceremony. It is always better to inquire about other wedding services, such as entertainment, decor, and photography, to make sure your wedding day is personalized according to your vision. 

Wrap Up!

The most crucial decision is choosing between indoor and outdoor wedding venues in Ahmedabad. You may have a wide range of options, including opulent hotels like Hyatt and Vivanta and picturesque outdoor sites like The Fern Seaside and Ruta Farm. So, why wait? Have a unique and unforgettable wedding experience in Ahmedabad with a variety of wedding venues that suit your interests and preferences! 

You can also rely on any reliable wedding vendor like to search for the best wedding venue in the vibrant city of Ahmedabad. It has everything that you are looking for whether planning an elegant indoor occasion or a charming outdoor celebration. The choice is all yours!



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