5 Free Online Tools To Beautify And Validate JSON Data

5 Free Online Tools To Beautify And Validate JSON Data

The exponential expansion of the world wide web has caused the usage of JavaScript to increase at a very rapid rate. JavaScript has become one of the most crucial languages of information technology in development. The basic motive to develop JavaScript is to extend the platforms of web applications. JavaScript offers the service of JSON i.e. JavaScript Object Notation. Nowadays, JSON has become the standard tool to store structured data. It has become the default computer readable format in most of the cases. 

JSON represents a format with a number of data types including lists, booleans, null, strings and numbers. Because JSON representation is compatible with all kinds of programming languages, JSON becomes a potential solution for transmission of data across language gaps. 

This article discusses the free online JSON validators to beautify and validate JSON data.  

Why JSON ?

Earlier Extensible Markup Language (XML) was utilized for data exchange. Since XML was the only tool available earlier for data interchange process therefore the entire mechanism was dependent on it. But with the arrival of JSON, the choice of developers changed. There are several reasons to choose JSON like it is lightweight in comparison to other open data exchange options. Also, the parsing speed of JSON is more than the parsing speed of XML. Further, the JSON readable and structured format makes it more easy to deal with. 

Given below is a description of 5 free online tools that can be utilized to beautify and validate JSON data. 

LambdaTest Free Online Tools

LambdaTest, one of the leading continuous quality cloud platforms that provide developers and testers with the ability to their websites and mobile applications across 3000+ real browsers, devices and OS combinations. It provides both manual and automation testing using frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Puppeteer, Appium and more.

In addition, LambdaTest offers free online tools for JSON validation. LambdaTest Prettify JSON and JSON validator are  tools that help developers to beautify and validate JSON data. 

LambdaTest offers an online tool i.e. prettify JSON whose job is to indent the JSON file and ensure the proper structural format of JSON file. Due to human readable format JSON is extensively utilized for data exchange. This online tool is basically for the beautification of JSON files.

Similar to Prettify JSON, LambdaTest offers a JSON validator that not only beautifies JSON data but debug it also. The JSON validator is freely available and does not require any kind of signup. The IsValid method is utilized in JSON validation and the fastest way to achieve it is to load the data into JArray.  Both the tools i.e. Prettify JSON and JSON validator are serving as a boon for developers or debuggers. 

JSON Compare

JSON Compare is an online tool that provides the facility of validation of JSON code. The platform supports validation of multiple JSON files simultaneously and also allows the merging of two JSON objects. The same online platform also provides a service of JSON beautifier that helps in the beautification of JSON content and improves the readability. The online service not only facilitates JSON validation but also allows developers or testers to update, copy, move and swap the content. Being an online platform, the service is machine independent  and also does not require any kind of registration or sign up from the users. The online portal is safe to use and simple and easy to deal with in nature. 

JSON Formatter

JSON Formatter is another online service for validating and beautifying JSON content. The online tool provides a tree view for the exploration of the JSON data. The interface of the tool is easy to deal with and allows testers or developers to not only validate JSON but also beautify, minify and support other formatting options. Also, the tool offers service of converting JSON to XML, JSON to CSV, JSON checker, JSON cleaner and other conversion tools. However, the tool does not support JSON modification functionality.  In terms of safety, the portal is free to use , safe and secure in nature. The portal does not require any kind of sign up or registration from the users. 

Code Beautify

The Code Beautify is an online tool that also offers a solution to validate and beautify JSON. The procedure involves the uploading of a JSON file in order to get a tree view in which users can analyze and decide the content to extend and collapse. The online tool supports multiple options like JSON minifier, EXCEL to JSON converter in addition to formats like SQL, CSV, HTML, XML etc. The online portal is pretty straightforward in application and design. Being online, it does not require any kind of sign up or registration or charge for the service. Also, the portal is safe in terms of utilization and information.


CuriousConcept is another online tool that provides advanced options in addition to JSON validation. Besides providing basic support of validation and beautification to developers or testers, the online platform extends the service by following the outline set by Douglas Crackford in RFC 4627. The tool provides support to multiple JSON standards and extends the support for latest RFC specifications. Being an online tool, the tool does not require any kind of registration or sign up and it is safe to use.  


After going through the details of various online tools LambdaTest found it to be the most effective solution for developers and testers. LambdaTest online portal not only provides service for JSON validation and beautification but also explains the details of how to validate and beautify JSON that proves to be a help for beginners. Further, LambdaTest provides a collection of online tools like Hex to Decimal converter, HTML Minify, Javascript Minify, CSS Minify, CSS Prettify, XML to JSON converter, BCD to decimal, UTF8 Encode, Decimal to Gray Code, URL Encode, Random JSON Generator, Random Character Generator, Random Byte Generator, Character Count, Decimal to Roman, URL Parse, JSON Unescape and the list is long. 

With so much availability of tools and solutions at a single site, LambdaTest proves to be one of the most crucial solutions for developers, testers and debuggers. Other platforms like JSON Formatter, JSON Compare, Code Beautify and CuriousConcept are also best in delivering services. Code Beautify is one of the simple and straightforward platforms in JSON validation and beautification. It’s quite simple interface makes it comfortable for users. JSON Formatter and JSON compare are quite the same in both service and structural context. Both of the online platforms are interactive but lack a diversity of solutions. Lastly, CuriousConcept is providing a window section for individual service like for JSON beautification, JSON formatting and JSON validation. The homepage is acting like a gateway to all sections offered by this online tool. But it also lacks diversity of services in comparison to LambdaTest collection. 

Thus, the article discusses each online platform separately and the above mentioned tools can be considered as the best 5 Free online tools to beautify and validate JSON data. The online tools are discussed in a chronological order i.e. LambdaTest being the first one is the most effective and optimum solution for developers and debuggers followed by other mentioned platforms. 



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