9 Tips on Finding a Vocal Coach To Boost Your Nashville Singing Career


Trying to make your mark in the music industry? Whether you’ve lived in Nashville from your birth, or you’ve just moved there, you’re definitely in the right place. Dubbed “the music city”, Nashville is the perfect place for musicians who want to kick start their careers and make a name for themselves. Here is how the city earned that nickname.

Anyway, to become a successful singer, it is not enough for you to live in Nashville. Wouldn’t it be great if things were so easy? Yet, they aren’t. On the contrary, you have to work hard towards boosting your career. And, of course, you have to keep on boosting your singing skills, which is something that you may need help with.

In fact, this is something that everyone needs help with. Meaning, therefore, that you should work with a vocal coach to boost your Nashville singing career. You may have understood this already, but you may also be worried about how to actually find and choose the right coach to help you get where you want to go. Well, this is definitely of crucial importance, so what we have to do right now is give you a clearer idea about how to find the right vocal coach. So, below I will share tips that should help you on that path.

Figure Out What You Specifically Need

What is it that you really want to achieve with the coach and the lessons? Are you looking to strengthen your technique, improve your vocal range, prepare for certain auditions, or work on developing your stage presence for example? Whatever it is that you want to do, you’ll be able to find a professional in Nashville to help you. But, the point is that you need to understand what you want, so as to choose an expert that will align with both your short-term and your long—term goals.

Get Recommendations

After you’ve figured out what you need, it will be time for you to start searching for the people that can provide you with precisely that. You could begin by getting recommendations from other artists you may know. They could refer you to some professionals that offer private coaching sessions and they could tell you about the specific experiences they had with some of those experts. Your task for now is to write down the names of those coaches that they will recommend, because you’ll be researching them in more details before deciding if you want to work with them or not.

Search the Web

Another thing you can do when trying to find the right professionals for this job is search the World Wide Web. Most great coaches will have some online presence nowadays. So, you’ll be able to find their official sites and get some relevant information, as well as possible have a closer look at their track records, checking out the artists they have worked with, and assessing the quality of their work. This step will, of course, help you add some more names to your list of potential vocal coaches, and after that list is completed, you’ll need to start digging deeper for information.

Check Credentials

What kind of information will you have to look for exactly? Well, for one thing, you should check the credentials, so s to make sure that the coach you’ll choose has a strong background in music. Check their education, as well the professional trainings they have gone through, aiming at getting a clearer idea about how qualified they are to be providing you with the singing lessons that you actually need.

Check Experience

Moving on, you will also have to check the experience of these professionals. And, there are two things to focus on here. For starters, you want the vocal coach you choose to have extensive industry experience, because they will be able to share some valuable industry insights if they have already worked with some well-known artists and if they have general experience with the music scene in Nashville. But then, you also want the expert you select to have substantial teaching experience, because that’s how you’ll be sure that they will know how to transfer the necessary knowledge.

Check Reputation

Apart from the above, you should also remember to check the reputation of these professionals, through finding out what their past clients have to say about the quality of their work. Get in touch with some of those past artists directly if possible, and let them share their stories. But then, also remember to find and read some online reviews as well, since those are bound to help you get an objective overview of the quality of work done by the professionals you’re considering.

If you’re wondering whether you should even work with a vocal coach, this may help you decide:

Evaluate Teaching Methods

The next thing to do is evaluate the teaching methods of the professionals you have in mind. Everyone has a unique style, and you want to make sure that the style of the coach you’ll choose will suit you and will match your learning preferences. Attending a trial lesson should help you get a sense of the specific approach of different professionals, which will make it easier for you to determine whether their teaching methods align with your career goals, as well as your learning preferences.

Check Availability

In order to get great results from your vocal trainings, you will have to be consistent. Therefore, you have to check the availability of your coach, so as to see if they can commit to regular sessions. Choose someone whose schedule will align with yours, and don’t forget to talk about availability before making any final decisions.

Consider the Costs

Finally, you should also discuss the prices. It is completely normal for different vocal coaches to charge different prices. You have to, however, check and compare those, in order to make a smart choice. Don’t ever choose based on the price alone, though. But, do compare them and then proceed towards making a reasonable choice and towards working with the right professional to boost your Nashville singing career.