Exploring the Technology Driving Today’s Labels


Product labels continue to form an integral aspect of business modeling and brand packaging. At the same time, they have their role in customer attraction and brand revenue. The important thing, however, is to ensure the process is optimized for satisfactory results.

Due to the need for improved quality and consistency with product labels, several technological developments have been integrated into the label-making process. One can say that technology could not have come at a better time.

Another factor that has pushed for the use of technology is the need to save costs and resources like ink and label materials. That will ensure companies can afford to be creative with their product labels without emptying the vault.

So, what influence has technology developed over today’s labels? Read on to find out.

1. Augmented Machine Process

One of the key factors for effective label printing is flawless decision-making. This cuts across picking the best machines and connecting them through an augmented machine process. It has emerged as a data-driven step to improving digital quality and access to the performance sheet of different printing resources.

2. Surface Treatment Technology

Surface treatment systems have made it easier to integrate and ensure retrofit. Not just that, these can be done from mid-line webs to the smallest format sizes to ensure you get every aspect of the label material. It’s also a good way to inspect efficiency and monitor packaging processes.

3. Print Inspection and Quality Verification Systems

Every step of the label printing process requires quality inspection and supervision. You can’t advance to the next step without clearing the previous one. So, from prepress to printing and even to the finishing machine, the use of print quality verification systems ensures quick and efficient monitoring of the process.

It becomes easier to spot defects and even prevent them to begin with. It’s automated and ensures the operation is smooth and spotless.

4. Vision Systems

During the printing process, there needs to be a constant evaluation of the print’s quality. This is used to keep the labels neat and sharp. With the use of new vision systems, quality checks involving image and color quality can be easily measured and reported.

In essence, color consistency is a given regardless of the material, ink, and image required. As a bonus, it’s an affordable system, further increasing its appeal.

5. UV Curing

The application of coats and varnishes is one of the final touches needed to complete a product label. However, care still needs to be taken with printing applications to achieve consistency and reliability.

UV curing with a UV arc lamp provides a unique system for improved quality and consistency. With its quiet liquid-cooled design, printing applications are smoother than ever. At the same time, it offers splendid coatings and varnishes.

Other label printing technologies include:

  • High-yield consumables
  • Efficient cleaning systems
  • LED Curing technology
  • High-grade electrodes

Technology In Label Printing: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The integration of technology has improved the concept of creating exquisite labels. It’s now easier to monitor the process, prevent and remove defects, and ensure high-quality colors and images.