How to Apply for a Personal Loan as a Salaried Individual: Step-by-Step Process


People often find themselves facing challenges like car breakdowns or sudden medical issues. A personal loan for salaried is a versatile financial solution created to help working individuals’ access quickly and sufficiently. You can without much of a stretch profit of a personal loan from any bank or non-banking monetary organization of your decision. If you’re looking for guidance on applying for a loan, this detailed step-by-step manual can assist you. 

 What is a personal loan?

A personal loan credit is an advance that doesn’t need insurance or security and is presented with negligible documentation. You can involve the assets from this credit for any genuine monetary need. Like some other advance, you should reimburse it understanding the concurred terms with the bank. Typically this can remember a couple of months to a couple of years for simple compared regularly scheduled payments.

Step-step process loan application

The best part about personal loans is that you can use the loan amount for anything. It can be a debt consolidation loan, a wedding loan, or even a loan for your children’s higher education. 

Eligibility status

Before you apply, check the factors described to decide why you need the loan and how much you need. Also, check your credit score.

Interest rates and other charges

There are a plethora of online instant loan apps in India that will provide you with a variety of interest rates depending on your credit score, loan tenure and the principal amount you borrow. To find the best offer, check as many instant loan apps as you can and compare their rates. Some lenders charge a considerable amount of money if you borrow from them.

EMI calculator

A plethora of financial institutions offer the benefits of an EMI calculator online. This can help you understand your monthly payment on a loan. The EMI calculator you use will depend on how much loan amount you wish to apply for. This can be an easy to use and free tool. 

Requirements for document

  • Identity proof: passport, PAN card, and Aadhaar card, etc.
  • Address proof: Passport, Aadhaar card, lease/rent agreement, etc.
  • Income proof: Last three months’ salary pay slips

Submit the application

Fill out your loan application and submit it either online or in person; important materials should be provided. The lender will be considering your application and creditworthiness.

Accept and sign

Look at the loan agreement carefully. Make sure you understand the fine print and agree to the loan terms. Sign the loan agreement, and once you receive the final approval, you can get your loan as soon as 72 hours. 


All in all, applying for a personal loan can help you, especially in times of unexpected monetary crises or when you are working on a substantial goal. If you understand the process and follow a structured method, you will get through the loan application process quite easily. However, you need to look at some basic factors, like eligibility criteria, interest rates, fees, and documentation requirements, to be able to make a well-informed decision.