How to Ship a Car to Another State in the Winter

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Winter was officially declared this week, and temperatures will begin to drop to more frigid extremes as the next couple of months pass. With car shipping comes more challenges as drivers strive to protect car owners’ prized assets as they transport these from one state to the next.  

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Prices tend to rise considering the extra hazards drivers face on the roadways, with safety being an added stress for car owners considering snow and ice. It presents the possibility for incidents resulting in the potential for damage or even loss.  

Carriers offer unique protocols for optimum preparedness during this time of year to make the experience minimally stressful with secure and successful delivery.  

Gaining insight into auto transport dynamics for winter shipping is essential for a shared commitment between the company, the driver, and yourself for not only a protected vehicle journey but also a safe driver experience on what will be a long excursion from one state to the next. 

Tips On the Dynamics for A Safe Winter’s Car Shipping Journey 

When shipping a car to another state, drivers risk running into different extremes of weather conditions, but that is magnified with the winter months in full swing.  

In that vein, auto transport companies supply car owners with proper protocol for preparing safe and secure deliveries when snow and ice are a threat and frigid temperatures are the norm. 

Most auto transport companies will raise their price points during this season because of the added hazard on the roadways, the threat to driver safety, and the additional duties to keep vehicles protected.  

Understanding winter dynamics and how they affect the car shipping experience is critical. Here are things to anticipate as you pursue auto transport during this time of year. 

The cost 

Auto transport prices will vary based on the time of year, with costs rising in the winter because of the season’s specific challenges, including the increase in demand, route complications, and weather difficulties.  

It’s essential when planning and preparing to consider these dynamics to accurately budget and ensure a safe, secure auto delivery.  

The priority is researching exemplary car shipping services to handle winter delivery to maneuver these challenges when transporting an auto from one state to another.  

When a company has years of experience in the industry, adequate tools and equipment, and highly trained drivers, you can rest assured of your car’s timely and safe arrival. 

Promptness and preparation 

When shipping a car during the winter season, planning well ahead is critical to avoid the possibility of delays or complications created by inclement weather or hazardous roadways. The priority is to remain in contact with the car shipper regarding the forecast to enable a favorable auto transport booking.  

Winter is a highly sought-after time for auto transport, particularly with snowbirds leaving the cold locations to follow more tropical climates. This means you’ll need to contact a reputable, reliable service provider early to book in advance to align your plans and transport. 

When transferring from one state to another, you’ll need to know not only the weather in your location but also what the conditions are like along the chosen route.  

Drivers can adjust their travel plans, but this can mean delays. You’ll need to remain in constant contact and be flexible with your expectations at this time of year. Click here for tips on cheap ways to ship a car to another state. 

Winterization and thorough inspection process 

While an inspection before a car is shipped and following delivery is standard, that’s critical in the winter. The systems should be optimally functional, and any potential problems should be addressed since the frigid temperatures can magnify these. 

Antifreeze levels, tire pressure, the battery, and any components susceptible to winter’s bitter cold need to be winterized.  

A priority is to have open, clear, and transparent communication with the car shipping service about winter transport, posing questions and concerns about measures taken with the season’s challenges when shipping.  

This will ensure optimum preparedness and the greatest likelihood of a safe, secure, and successful delivery. 

Final Thought 

Maneuvering through winter’s challenges when shipping a vehicle from one state to the next can have a positive outcome based on optimum planning and preparedness and considering open and effective communication with a reliable and reputable auto transport company. 

It makes sense when you understand the dynamics involved with winter car shipping, the higher auto transport costs, the need to take extra precautions, and finding the most experienced, dependable shipper.  

The overall objective for the car shipping service and the car owner is not only to protect the vehicle and ensure it arrives securely in its original condition but also to keep the driver safe on the shipping journey.



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